Yesterday’s work session was rather uneventful with the exception that our three new members officially took their seat’s at the table. Welcome again to Krisha, Cecile and John.

We began the session talking about upcoming public hearings.

Ordinance 1560 allows the town to accept an additional $12,000 from the Friends of the Farmer’s Market for work on the structure in the new Market Square Park. This is in addition to the $32,000 the Friends have already donated. Thank you FFM.

Ordinance 1561 tunes up our towing regulations without major changes.

Ordinance 1562 streamlines the process for parade and demonstration permits. With this ordinance, permits will now be issued administratively, not by council. This should make the process easier and faster.

Ordinance 1563 deals with firearms in the town by defining what a pneumatic gun is (BB gun and paintball mainly) and includes cross bows and arrows in the definition.

There was no additional discussion on the CIP.

We talked a little about a possible ATT antenna on a pole owned by the Airport Authority that sits on the golf course property. The screening has been discussed with the neighbors and we will put this item on first reading in February with a possible public hearing in March. The antenna will be located at the top of a current wooden pole so a new support structure will not be built. However, there will be equipment located on the ground. This will be screened. The Airport Authority and the Town will share in the revenue from this lease to ATT.

At the end of the meeting we talked a little about snow removal. We agreed to think about some of the problems associated with various options and perhaps talk about this issue again during the summer when we are detached a little from the immediate impact of such a large snow event.