I started this blog to relay, as best I can, some of the happenings in Blacksburg town government. As with anything, there are some rules to follow – some for me and some for comments.

My rule for myself is pretty simple. I will not use this as a political soap box. It is my intention to try, as best I can, to represent the majority of council on positions and be informative about upcoming events. If there is a split on council, I will try to present the different ideas fairly, but always let you know where I stand on an issue and why without lobbying for that position.

Comments are also very simple. I will post all comments, favorable or unfavorable, with a couple of exceptions. If you want to use inappropriate language and sign your name, I will approve the post with the questionable language “cleaned up.” If you do not sign your name and use inappropriate language, I will not approve the comment. If you want to cuss, you have to own up to it!

Thanks for checking in.