As you know, I try very hard to limit my comments to issues directly related to the Town of Blacksburg. HB 940 has so many ramifications for Blacksburg, the Commonwealth, and the Country, that I felt a response was required.

Currently, a buyer can only purchase one handgun a month. HB 940 would remove that limit. Seriously!

Below is a letter I have faxed to the Governor asking him to veto this legislation:

February 26, 20122

The Honorable Bob McDonnell
P.O. Box 1475
Richmond, Virginia 23218

Dear Governor McDonnell:

As Mayor of Blacksburg for the last six years, I am painfully aware of the power of handguns.

Having seen the devastation caused by gun violence, I echo the concerns expressed by the families of the April 16th victims. I join those families in their request. I too ask that you veto HB 940.

If you veto HB 940, which would remove the nineteen year old law restricting handgun purchases to one per month, you are not putting the Second Amendment in jeopardy. Your veto would simply confirm your support of the 1993 legislation that limited handgun purchases. You did the right thing in 1993 and I hope that you will do so again in 2012.

Thank you for your consideration of a veto of HB 940.


Ron Rordam,