The post I published dealing with the purchase of a parking lot downtown attracted a great deal of attention and comment. Good, constructive, comment.

For the last year or two, we as a council have struggled with the best approach to take vis-a-vis First and Main and the entire South Main retail area. Your comments made me think that the best way to support this area was to establish a South Main Revitalization Task Force much like the successful Downtown Revitalization Task Force.

And that is what we are going to do. Council Member Krisha Chachra and Blacksburg Partnership President Diane Akers have agreed to lead this group. Both have been very involved with the merchants at First and Main. They have demonstrated their desire to see this area succeed through their actions and support of the merchants.

Krisha and Diane are in the process of contacting stake holders in the area and asking them to serve. These stake holders will be comprised of business owners and property owners. This will be a citizen group, bringing practical ideas to the table. As in the Downtown Revitalization Task Force, a town staff member will attend to bring ideas back and forth, but the body will be run by the Task Force.

We are fortunate that both Krisha and Diane have agreed to serve and I look forward to reporting on their progress.