Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s visit to Blacksburg yesterday has been reported in the media. I had the opportunity to welcome the Secretary when he landed. To have a Cabinet Secretary come to your community is always a special event.

But, what was not reported, was Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff accompanied the Secretary. Mr. Rogoff did not go to the Transportation Institute, but wanted to talk transit with Blacksburg.

I was fortunate to be able to accompany Mr. Rogoff as our Transit Director, Rebecca Martin, gave him a tour of Blacksburg and Blacksburg Transit. We discussed the issues faced by smaller transit sytems such as ours. Becky did a great job representing Blacksburg.

We learned more about some of the larger issues facing transit from a Federal Perspective. We were also able to talk about some of our long range goals and I was again able to put in a plug for stready funding streams and, what is becoming a recurring theme in these last few weeks, Amtrak!

It was a morning well spent.