I was so glad to be back in Blacksaburg after a day and a half in Richmond, I forgot to post this entry/em>

How to Pay for Roads and Rail

Yesterday’s meetings with legislators did not reveal any startling new ideas. The House and the Senate continue to try and piece together legislation to fix our broken highway system that is running out of money. They are not meeting with much success.

Fortunately, it looks like the idea of taking money from schools to pay for roads is dead for now. It is frustrating when you are glad to play defense rather than ask that previous reductions be made up. Some floated the idea of indexing the tax on gas. That appears to be dead also.

So, where will the funds come from? No one knows.

You’ll remember that after my meeting with the Virginia Transit Authority last week I was encouraged about rail coming at least to Roanoke in a reasonable time frame. After discussions yesterday, I remain optimistic that rail is on the right track!

Many thanks to Senator Edwards and Delegates Yost and Rush for spending time with us. I know they have busy schedules and we appreciate their willingness to meet and talk about the issues.