This week I am here for the Virginia Municipal League’s Legislative day. While it seems like our legislators have only dealth with giving greater access to guns and less to voting rights, there are other bills floating around. Not many seem to be good. After tomorrow’s update from Municipal League staff, I will provide more information.

In the morning I have a meeting with the Municipal League’s executive Committee.

One of speaker’s tomorrow is the President Obama’s Deputy Director for Intergovernmental Affairs. The President has been very good about reaching out to localities. In the afternoon, I have been asked to meet privately with the Deputy Director. I appreciate a White House that is willing to seek input.

After that meeting, I will try to visit legislators that I know to promote issues that affect Blacksburg. While I am doing this, Council Members will be visiting our Delegate and Senator.

We have a joint supper scheduled with the County and Christiansburg tomorrow eveing. I have been coming to Richmond to visit with legislators for sixteen years. During those sixteen years, Blacksburg’s Delegate has always been with us. Most other representatives for the County and Town of Christiansburg also attend. If they can’t, the always send a staff member.

I will let you know tomorrow if this tradition continues.