As promised, a brief update of tonight’s reception in Richmond given by the Virginia Transit Association for Legislators.

Special thanks to our Delegate, Joseph Yost, for coming by and visiting on this important issue. Nick Rush was also there and I believe Senator Edwards was tied up in Committee meetings. He is usually at these meetings and is a long term supporter of rail and public transit.

The good news is ridership is up. Transit is more essential than ever to help solve some of our transportation needs.

Tbe bad news is financial support is down. There are more systems coming on board that require funding, but the size of the pie is not in increasing. Therefore, the peices will be smaller.

While I was there suporting Transit on a state wide basis, I was able to chat with officials at the Department of Rail and Public Transportation about a direct Amtrak link to Roanoke and hopefully Christiansburg.

This vital link is still in the works and is not a dead issue. These officials shared with me some actions we can take along with the City of Roanoke that may behelpful. I plan on passing these suggestions along in hopes to move this program forward.

All and all, this transit connection, while it is a time committment, has been helpful and I do believe we in Montgomery County have seen and will continue to see some benefit from being involved in this state wide organization.