February is the season for Richmond. Those of us in local government, like many in the business community, keep a close eye on Richmond this time of year. When Delegates and Senators are meeting they can do great good – and yes sometimes great harm to those back home.

We are fortunate to have a Town Attorney and Para Legal who keep us up to date on legislation related to Blacksburg.

Blacksburg is a member of the Virginia Municipal League, and this group looks closely at general laws that affect localities.

And, I am President of the Virginia Transit Association, and we follow closely legislation that affects transit.

My first trip to Richmond will be this Monday when I attend a Legislative Reception hosted by the Transit Association. Many members of the legislature will be there which will give me the chance to talk transit issues with them.

I will try to report back Monday night after my meetings.

The following week, the entire Town Council will travel to Richmond to talk about more general items related to Blacksburg. More on that next week.