Transit Update

I just finished my meeting with the Virginia Transit Association today in Richmond.

After hearing reports from a meeting with the Virginia Secretary of Transportation and talking with Delegate Joe May of Loudon County and the Director of the Depaertment of Rail and Public Transportation, it is clear that we need to looking to the future. The present is very bleak. This is in reference to funding from State.

Everyone is asking the State for money. Our job as a statewide transit organization is to better articulate what we do. Our mission is to relieve congestion and transport people to jobs, school, shopping, doctor’s visits, etc. Pretty simple. Also, this is a very effective use of public dollars.

It is really a matter of transportation choice, not dictation. If we provide a reliable, consistent transportation option, we take cars off the road. This is a benefit to those who choose to ride public transportation.

It is also a benefit to those who choose to drive themselves, because less people are on the road.

We will continue to focus on sharpening our message and encouraging citizens to support that message when they talk with their legislators.

As an aside, every time I come to these meetings I am impressed with the dedicated employees we have supporting transit across the Commonwealth. And, I am always particularly impressed with our staff at Blacksburg Transit and what they have been able to accomplish.

Tomorrow I attend a Virginia Muncipal League meeting on the upcoming State budget. It will not be for the weak of heart, I am sure. Later………….