At the Town Council Meeting held on November 22, 2011, we recognized Blacksburg’s designation as the number one place in the country to raise a child. The only correct way to celebrate this honor was to recognize those who are responsible – the citizens of this area who give their time and talents to work with children or programs that impact children. Here is a picture from that meeting.

From left to right:

Rodney Allen. Rodney has worked with Boy Scouts for years as a volunteer.

Keith Moore. Chair of the Corridor Committee. This committee has been the force behind our trail system since it’s beginnings.

Mary Biggs. Board of Supervisor member and teacher at Harding Avenue Elementary.

Ron Rordam.

Kirk Shepherd. Aid at Blacksburg High School working with special needs students and he coaches track. Cecile Newcomb, a council member, was his track coach when he was in High School. This is a real testament to the impact community volunteers make in Blacksburg.

Kim Crannis. Blacksburg Police Chief. The police work with schools including the DARE program and resource officers at the High and Middle Schools.

Bill Newcomb. Bill is a local engineer who has worked with youth athletic programs.

These individuals are representative a so many in our community who give their time and talents to mentor youth. And, this includes all of Montgomery County. This honor reflects the values of our greater community.