If you missed the article in today’s Roanoke Times by Jeff Sturgeon, here is the part that relates to our airport. I attribute much of this success to our manager, Michael St. Jean.

“Virginia Tech-Montgomery Executive Airport in Blacksburg, where 42 aircraft are based and 14,000 aircraft landed and took off last year, is described as a hotbed of monetary activity.

The single-runway airport itself employs nine people, but its presence supports a total of 70 jobs that pay nearly $2 million. All told, the public airport contributes $9.4million statewide, the study said.

Manager Michael St. Jean said he was surprised the number was as high as it turned out to be.

“It’s a great generator of jobs and economic impact,” he said.”

At our last airport authority meeting, we looked very carefully at these numbers, to insure that the correct data was being relayed. We found that the impact numbers were justified. And yes, we were all surprised that the numbers were so high.

Here is the complete article: Southwest Virginia airports land big bucks