This week, Blacksburg sent out a reminder that parking within fifteen feet of a driveway can result in parking ticket. So, as a reminder to everyone, including residents, please do not park within fifteen feet of a driveway or twenty feet of an intersection.

Council discussed the fifteen foot rule, and we asked the traffic committee to look at this distance to see if it is appropriate.

The committee reported back that the national Uniform Vehicle Code dictates parking distances from both a driveway and an intersection. The current town code is in compliance with the 15 feet requirement from a driveway and 20 feet from an intersection. The Traffic Committee recommended no change to the town’s existing ordinance as any change would bring us out of compliance with the national code.

The Town is working with Virginia Tech to get the word out. But, it is important that we, as residents, adhere to the same standards.

As I tell visitors who have written after they have received tickets, our citizens who do not go to the games need to be able to go about their daily business with or without a Tech football game in progress.

Please pass this on to your neighbors and friends.