As promised, here is a brief recap of the back yard hen conversation yesterday. The majority of Council expressed a desire to look further at the issue and potential ordinances. I believe I reflect the mood of the group when I say that final judgment is being withheld until details emerge and the public gets to weight in. A third party group may look at some of the issues communities have faced and report this as background information. This tact will allow the planning staff to continue to work on vital zoning issues before the town while we start to sort out some of the issues Blacksburg will be facing when we consider an ordinance.

And, we did spend a great deal of time on the last item on the agenda, over occupancy and behavior associated with the issue. The town staff, from police to planning, have been working very hard on this issue and will continue their efforts. Council also agreed to consider other measure which could give more power to address some of these concerns.

We all agreed that this is a top priority of Council as it has been for many years. There is a strong desire to look at what has worked, what has not, and what tools we have to be more effective.

I will write more about these measures as they take shape,