With a deal accomplished in Washington to avert default on our national debt, the dust will start to settle. We all must be prepared for the impact of the spending cuts that will come from Washington.

I do not envy the decisions that will have to be made at the national level in the next few months. Something has to be done to bring our debt under control. While I take issue with the path to fiscal responsibility, I certainly supports its end goal.

We all will be affected. As individuals, there will be cuts we feel directly.

And, as individuals, we will be affected by cuts to localities that have been beneficial to us all.

At Tuesday’s work session, we talked about the potential elimination of Safe Routes to Schools. The Town has used these grants to encourage children to walk to school by building sidewalks and taking other measures to insure students safety. In this age of overweight children, anything we can do to get young people moving is positive for their future health. This program may end.

This program has allowed us to add to our quality of life.

There well may be other programs eliminated that affect our core operations.

We are working to identify where those other cuts may come, now and in the future. Contingency plans will be developed to deal with the fall out from such reductions. They may be significant.

The Town of Blacksburg has weathered the cuts from the state fairly well. We have frozen positions and reduced some services. We are facing a new round of cuts and we will deal with those as they present themselves. We will continue to offer the core services that make Blacksburg such an attractive place to live and work. This is the only way we will attract new business to help supplement those reductions.