As reported in today’s Roanoke Times, Blacksburg Town Council spent a great deal of time yesterday reviewing the Master Plan for the Old Blacksburg Middle School. Clarifications were made to more accurately reflect discussions held at a work session on May 17th with the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors. We are now ready to take public input on Tuesday June 28, 2011 and possibly approve the Master Plan.

Modea will do one final review this week and we await their response.

The Board of Supervisors has this on their agenda for Monday, June 27th for discussion and possible action and we await their response.

The Master Plan addresses several important goals. It provides a tool for Montgomery County to use to market the property and receive much needed capital for our schools. At the same time, it sets out the vision of the Town for this very important development, stating minimum requirements while being flexible for both development and open space as we proceed further.

We all appreciate the involvement and input from the Board of Supervisors. Most of the members attended our joint work session on May 17th and participated in the discussion of the Master Plan. Chairman Jim Politis has been very involved in this planning and has been very helpful in our deliberations.

We await the response from both Modea and the Board of Supervisors to decide the next step and what action we take on the 28th.