The last two months have been intense as we have dealt with the usual issues coming before the town as well as working with the citizens and the county to develop a Master Plan for the Old Middle School site.

Great Progress has been made!

Our consultants have processed a tremendous amount of citizen input to present a plan for future development that, while flexible, gives us a guide to find the right development. Potential developers will know what is expected and this will help keep inappropriate development ideas from coming forward.

The original plan was to vote on the Master Plan on May 24th. However, while the plan is in its final stages, extra time is needed to put the finishing touches on the plan as well as a word document that gives more guidance to future development.

Because of this, the final resolution in support of the Master Plan has been extended to June 28th. Both the County Board of Supervisors and the Blacksburg Town Council should take this up at that time.

When the document is finished, there will be ample time for citizen review and input. To view the site and for further information, see the Town of Blacksburg Old Blacksburg Middle School Page.

I am very pleased with the cooperation all parties have shown, including citizens, council and supervisors. The working relationship is one to build upon. As we go forward, many more challenges will come our way. This foundation of cooperation will serve us well when we go to meet these challenges.