As I close this quick series on the Legislative Session in Richmond, I would like to quote Governor Bob McDonnell.  In his remarks to local representatives he stressed that government functions best when closest to the people.

There has been a trend over my years on Town Council for Richmond to take more and more options away from local government and control these from Richmond.  Issues from revenue sources to land use and zoning decisions are being centered in Richmond.

I will submit that we in Blacksburg are more aware of our needs than a Delegate or Senator from Northern Virginia.  Our citizens can come speak to us every other Tuesday night.  We all are accessible to comments, whether on the streets downtown or in the grocery store.

If we really want to make government more flexible and nimble, don’t center everything in Richmond guided by a representative that probably has never been to Blacksburg or Montgomery County.  When faced with the same problem, my friends in Vienna may have a different solution that ours  in Blacksburg and each will be right for our localities.  Give us the tools to work with our citizens to find the right answer for us.

This theme was Blacksburg’s main message to our legislators.  It wasn’t about what they could give us, it was about please stop taking things away.  In most cases, government closest to the people is the most efficient and effective.