This is the season for the House and Senate to meet in Richmond and deal with all the weighty issues that confront the commonwealth. These issues cover school and transportation funding all the way to one’s ability to shoot a B B gun in your back yard! Sometimes, the things they come up with.

I will try to report on this blog some impacts upon Blacksburg and local government. There are two opportunities for me to travel to Richmond to meet with Legislators and one is tonight. As Vice President of the Virginia Transit Association, I will be attending a reception for legislators tonight in Richmond sponsored by the Transit Association.

The Legislature proposed their bi-partisan transportation bill, or as it is now know here in Richmond, the Omnibus Transportation Bill. It has some elements that at first glance are good for our area, but also some areas that need further exploration.

My next chance to be here in Richmond is for the Virginia Municipal League’s Legislative Day. That will be next Thursday.

The main goal for most localities is to keep from too much harm being done to our funding sources and our ability to manage our local priorities and budgets. More on that next week.

I will take notes and continue to pass along information as it becomes available. And, I will work on those entries I talked about last week.