I am gaining a healthy respect for writers of all sorts, including those who write blogs.  It takes a great deal of thought, work, and energy to create entries on a regular basis.  And, then, there are the entries people really want to read.

Therefore, be it resolved, in 2011 I will try to do better.

I thought I would take this time to look ahead at some of the issues Blacksburg may be facing in this upcoming year.

Each issue will be listed as a different entry.  No one wants to read several pages on one of these things.   Plus it will allow me to spend sometime creating the entries.

To start with, here is the list for 2011.  It is not all inclusive and things will come up from time to time that will take our focus away.  But, planning is always good and as a council, we have tried to do just that.

1. The status of schools in this end of the county and the town’s involvement.

2.  Historic District and continued redevelopment of downtown.

3.  The creation of a task force to study business relations in the Town of Blacksburg and how to take information and process input.

4.  The future of the Alexander Black House and museum efforts throughout town.

5. Budget !!!

6.  Ways to address new storm water regulations.

7.  Continued success of our downtown business community and creating momentum for a successful First and Main Development.

8.  Continuing efforts toward sustainability.

9.  Continue to build an art’s friendly environment for Blacksburg.

10.  Continued discussion and cooperation with Virginia Tech on areas of mutual interest and concern.

11.  Continued discussions with neighboring community on issues that effect us all and continued strengthening of regional cooperation.

12.  Review and expansion of our recreational amenities.


Look for these topics and more to be written about in future entries.