About a year ago we began conversations with Virginia Tech on the status of meal taxes on campus. There were three areas of concern listed in a letter I wrote to President Steger. These were taxes at the Inn at Virginia Tech (both meal and lodging), cash purchases at on campus restaurants made by non-university personnel, and concessions sold at Virginia Tech Sporting Events. I always want to emphasize that there is no discussion of collecting a meals tax on student meal plans. Meals plan purchases are exempt from the tax.

We have made great progress in those discussions. Starting this year, if you make a purchase at a sporting event on campus, you will pay a meals tax. This was worked out through cooperation with the University and Centerplate, the contract provider of these services to Virginia Tech.

Our close working relationship with Virginia Tech is very important to both the University and the Town. We will continue to discuss the other two items listed and look forward to the same cooperation is finding a fair solution.

For more information, follow this link to see Tonia Moxley’s article in today’s Roanoke Times.