At about noon today, I unveiled the plague designating Blacksburg Motor Company a LEED Platinum building. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a third party rating system that grades your building on being sustainable. There are four different levels, Platinum being the highest.

Here are some statistics that make the achievement of Platinum at Blacksburg Motor all the more impressive. There are 3082 LEED Certified construction projects worldwide according to the USGBC website. There are 8282 construction projects which are registered with LEED but have not yet received certification.

Platinum is the highest LEED rating. Worldwide, only 175 construction projects have achieved LEED platinum, 5% of all certified projects. Buildings that have attained this rigorous level of LEED certification are among the greenest projects in the world. As of June, 2010, there were only 175 Platinum LEED certified construction projects in the world. Of those, only a handful were historic renovations.

In Virginia, there are only three Platinum LEED certified construction projects. Only one, Moseley Architects Building in Richmond is also an historic renovation.

So, we are one of 175 in the World, and only one of three in Virginia. Blacksburg Motor is in one of a handful in the world that involved historic renovation.

And, all of this was accomplished by a net square footage cost that was less than new construction. (This includes grants and historic tax credits)

Blacskburg Motor is an accomplishment to celebrate!