Last night I had the opportunity to visit the current (for this year) Blacksburg Middle School. I understand the concern many have felt about this move. It was not too long ago that I was the parent of a Middle School child and I understand that this is a transitional time in a child’s life.

I would feel fine about my child being in the new location. The building felt good. It was light, colorful, clean and filled with excitement. The returning students that I talked to were positive about the coming year. They were excited to see friends, catch up with the news, and talk with teachers. The building they were in was secondary.

I was also impressed with the teacher’s attitudes. They have not had a summer. They have worked hard to make this the best experience they can for their students. The surroundings are not what they are accustomed to. There was less storage, no real lab space, cabinets still to arrive and the list goes on. Yet, I watched each teacher greet new students with a smile and positive outlook. As many teachers told me, they will be creative and work through those shortcomings. They were focused on the student.

It will not be an easy year, but knowing these teachers as I do, it will be a good year for Blacksburg Middle School Students.

Thanks and congratulations go out to Superintendent Brenda Blackburn and her entire staff for a job well done. Thanks also go out to our middle school administrators and teachers who gave up their summers to make this work. And, we cannot forget our parents and students, whose continued positive attitude will make this another excellent year at BMS.