For everyone who has asked about a dog park in Blacksburg. For everyone who has ever wanted a dog park in Blacksburg. And, for everyone else.

Here is a message we have received from our Town Manager:

Dog Park Planned – Parks and Recreation has started the planning of the new Dog Park which will be located at the vacated Police Shooting Range at Tom’s Creek Park. Public Works will be assisting on the removal of some debris and clearing of fence lines. Contractors will be hired to complete the fencing and rules for the park are being developed. The Town will do the major improvements to the site and we look for individuals from the community to assist with the site amenities such as benches and doggie play equipment. The opening date could be as early as late fall.

So, it will finally become a reality. Thank you to town staff and parks and recreation who have worked so hard to make this happen.

This is the first time I have tried to insert a picture. Our dog, Morgan, died several years ago. She would have loved running at a dog park.