If one were to read just the first paragraph of the article printed this morning in the Roanoke Times, they may be led to think that the Town of Blacksburg advocates the demolition of the Old Blacksburg Middle School.

That is not the case. The building belongs to Montgomery County and any decision on the fate of the structure rests with the County Board of Supervisors.

(To read the full article, see the Roanoke Times here.)

The article goes on to state that the property will be rezoned mixed use. A quality mixed use project, done correctly, will probably fit that site, with or without the current building. Before any rezoning decisions are made, public input will be solicited and Town Council will conduct open meetings to discuss what that mixed use may look like.

The process of how to deal with this important property is still in it’s early stages. We are still discussing how to begin these deliberations.

The county has been focused on the issues surrounding the collapse of the Blacksburg High School gym. We hope to restart our discussions soon.

Just to recap, the Town of Blacksburg has no official position on the structure and all discussions about potential mixed use will be done by council in open session with citizen input requested.