Here is tonight’s Agenda

One of the main topics to notice is that we will start off with a ceremonial administration of the Oaths of Office for five members, including myself. We have all been officially sworn in, but it is a meaningful event to have this happen at the first council meeting. Judge Joey Showalter will read the oaths and a member of the Montgomery County Board of Elections will present each member with their certificate of election.

Each public hearing topic, or consent item has a link to follow to see the document.

Under consent you will see that the trustee committee for Westview Cemetery is being changed. The board needs to have a council member involved. However under the current code ALL members must own a cemetery plot to be on the board. No council member owns such a plot, so the code is being changed to allow a council member to sit on the committee without owning a plot. All other members of the committee still are required to own a plot.

Once all council assignments are finalized tonight, I will post the committees and who is serving on which committee.