When Christiansburg decided to work with Blacksburg Transit to extend bus service, no one knew what would happen. It is was one of those steps we all take from time to time, trying our best to do what is right for our citizens and thinking in a new way.

So far, the Christiansburg Bus Service has been a tremendous success. Let me share some of the information we have just received.

BT is very excited to announce that during the first 6 weeks of service (32 days of operations) 2,753 rides were provided on the Christiansburg service. This is three times as many passengers compared to the old Christiansburg Trolley during the same time last year!

During the first six weeks of service on the Go Anywhere route many passengers emerged, several of which ride on a daily basis! One gentleman uses the service to connect with the Smartway bus service to travel to his job, another gentleman travels back and forth to his job at a local fast food restaurant and another passenger uses the service to pick up her grandchild from school every day! Probably, the most distinguished rider we’ve had so far was Santa Claus, who used the service to get to work at the Mall everyday! For many, the Go Anywhere route has become an essential part of their everyday life.

The Christiansburg routes reflect an average ridership of 76 people per day or 458 riders per week. Start-up numbers are already as high as many other small towns with existing similar service including Buckingham, Caroline County, Town of Orange and King George County. Ridership will continue to grow throughout the year as the weather becomes warmer and people have a chance to try out the system and learn how to ride.

All of this occurred in bitterly cold weather. I can’t wait to see what the ridership will be when the weather warms up a little and more people look towards the bus service.

It took leadership, forward thinking, an cooperation to make this happen. Thanks to everyone involved.