I will try to recap the work sessions right after they happen. Please remember these are not official minutes, just my review of how I viewed the session and some of the issues we discussed.

Also, there was no week in review on Monday because, as we approach the holidays, there is less to review!

We had a presentation of the auditor’s report. Blacksburg again received a clean report, meaning there were no major problems encountered. We did spend some time talking about the Golf Course fund and how it continues to loose money and will probably be that way for a long time to come. The general consensus is that it should be put back into the general fund and simply be a recreational amenity as opposed to trying to make the golf course a self supporting activity.

Eric Bopp gave a very good overview of the New River Economic Development Alliance.

There were no additional items to discuss on the Capital Improvement Program.

We did discuss the Historic District at length with lots of different thoughts and suggestions. It was agreed that there would be another neighborhood meeting scheduled in January. All property owner’s in the district will be mailed a notification. Staff would bring back the results of those conversations to council in February for discussion. The earliest we would consider voting on a revised ordinance would be April.

Much of our conversation revolved around the misinformation that circulated right before the vote last week. It is important to clear up this false information so we can get a true read of citizen reaction to some of the suggestions. There are two different neighborhood groups within the historic district. Our hope is that they will become more involved with education and discussion. Everyone felt it is important to include those who live in the district in this discussion.