I decided to put this in a separate entry for this meeting because I did not want this information to be lost in the Week in Review for December 7.

Here is the agenda.

Of note is the New Business section. We will consider Ordinance #1546 – An Ordinance To Amend The Regulations Governing The Blacksburg Historic Overlay District To Require An Approved Redevelopment Plan When A Historic Landmark, Building Or Structure Is Razed, Relocated Or Demolished And To Amend Related Provisions In Zoning Ordinance Sections 2103 And 3277.

We held the public hearing on November 10, 2009 and delayed the vote until tomorrow night to give people a chance to send us their thoughts. I have received two emails concerned about the district and appreciate the input. If anyone would like to comment tomorrow night, you may do so during the Citizen Comment Section which is before new business.

The agenda is long so please review it and pass on remarks or come and speak tomorrow night.