Usually in this entry, I would look back at the week before and make comments. Since the week before was a short week and I was gone for Thanksgiving, I will look ahead. There are some exciting town events coming up that deserve attention.

The Town’s Parade and Winter Lights Festival will be held this Friday with events beginning at 4:00 p.m. and the parade beginning at 7:00.

Details include the use of Market Square Park for the first time. To see all the details, click here.

Smithfield Plantation is also having a celebration this week. Smithfield needs our community support and I encourage everyone to be part of this wonderful town asset.

More details here

Leaf Collection Continues – Leaf collection continues this week on the west side of town. Heavily forested areas will be revisited next week, concluding leaf collection for the year.

On December 1, 2009 we are having our usual work session.

Here is the agenda

Our regular December meeting will be busy as you can see from the work session review topics. Also we will begin our detailed discussion of the Capitol Improvement Projects. Money is tight this year, so the discussion will be short. Hopefully we will start to see an uptick soon, but we cannot predict when.

I hope to see everyone at the parade Friday night, on Market Square Park, or at Smithfield. It promises to be a great week ahead.