Was The November Election a Success?

The reason for my recommending a switch to November elections was to give more people and opportunity to vote. If we take increase participation as a basis for the change, I would have to say November elections were a success!

Let’s look at the numbers.

In 2008, 1,875 people voted in town elections. This is taken from blogs so I will go with that. When I ran for Mayor in 2006, 3,117 voted in that race.

This year, 2009, my total as an unopposed candidate was 5,093. It is hard to factor council races, but if you add up all up all the votes (21,901) and divide that by 4, you get 5,475. But we all know that there are those who don’t vote for all four candidates, so I will guess about 6,000 people voted in this municipal election.

That is double from 2006 and over triple from 2008.

Registered voters in the 2008 equaled 14,661. In 2009 this jumped to 20, 686. Six Thousand voters that I attribute to the Presidential Election. So, I will use 14,661 as our voter registration as many of these who registered for the Presidential election have probably moved on.

Okay, so the math here is 6,000 divided by 14,661 and you have about a 40% turnout here.

You are welcome to tear the math up. I admit this is not scientific. But, the bottom line is a lot more people voted in the November election for Mayor and Town Council than the May election the year and a half before. And, because of that, I feel it was a success.